Where can I buy BLACK iGUANA Frozen Ritas?
We're on a mission to be everywhere! Spot the iGUANA! Take on our battle cry: The thrill is in the hunt!

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Where is BLACK iGUANA produced?
In Texas - where fajitas and Margaritas rule!

And if you're asking what "fajitas" are, you don't need to be drinking BLACK iGUANA.
Is BLACK iGUANA pre-mixed with alcohol?
Yes! As in: "Woohoo! The alcohol is in it! It's ready to drink! Twist off the cap and enjoy!"

Are we clear?
So how much can I sip from a Frozen Rita pouch?
Happy BLACK iGUANA Face: Each single-serving pouch is equivalent to a regular size Margarita glass.

Serious BLACK iGUANA Face: Please remember to drink responsibly. Do not drink and drive.
Do BLACK iGUANA Frozen Rita pouches have to be kept frozen?
This is one of life's more difficult choices—frozen or on-the-rocks.

Seize life—do it all! Enjoy a frozen BLACK iGUANA or simply chill and serve on-the-rocks.
Can I re-freeze BLACK iGUANA Frozen Ritas?
Yes, you can re-freeze them.

But, do we dare ask why?
The frozen pouches are too cold to hold.
Just try wrapping a paper towel or napkin around the frozen pouch, or slip it into a "koozie".

And if you know what a "koozie" is, you're definitely allowed to drink BLACK iGUANA!
Spout, straw, or glass?
Wait, is this a personality test? Rebel. Free Spirit. Classy.

Whatever mood strikes…and whenever it strikes…drink BLACK iGUANA straight from the pouch, sip with a straw, or pour into a glass.
Where can I buy a BLACK iGUANA T-shirt and sport cap?
You fashionista, you.

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