Classic Lime

Classic Lime is the original and legendary Margarita party cocktail!

This zingy refreshing Lime flavor will have you shouting "Start The Fiesta!"

It is our numero uno, primo Rita!


Our Tahiti Strawberry BLACK iGUANA strikes a perfect balance of tropical sweet and tangy zest.

This party pleaser will shake up your taste buds.

So rev up the tropical Tahitian fun in your backyard!


Our Savannah Peach BLACK iGUANA brings out the best in Southern hospitality, whether you're north or south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Before you know it, you'll be serving it on-the-rocks in Mason jars.
And you'll be saying: Y'all enjoy now! And come back for more!

Pina Colada

No need to board a cruise ship to enjoy this tropical cocktail—simply reach for a BLACK iGUANA Pina Colada and escape to the Caribbean in your own backyard.

This slushy, fruity concoction combines the best of the Caribbean…a mouthwatering blend of pineapple and coconut. BLACK iGUANA’s Pina Colada will have you counting the days until your next island getaway.

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